Thank you for learning more about our campaign and the issues facing Clark County and the state of Washington.

I decided to run because I thought Washington State could do a better job on our top priorities. This starts with public education. Our constitution says education is the state’s paramount duty. For too long, we didn’t put education first.

I am a teacher by training and one of the few people in Olympia with firsthand experience in the classroom. I am excited to bring that expertise to our state legislature to help ensure our dollars are spent wisely.

This is not my only issue though. More politicians need to remember that tax dollars are not their money. It’s your money and we need to show that we are spending it wisely or give it back.

I will always work to ensure that we use common sense, cut waste and audit every state program carefully. We simply need a state government that gets the basics right. This includes good public schools, a strong transportation system, streamlined regulations and a partner for businesses providing jobs.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at (360) 901-2859 or info@VoteMonicaStonier.com